Dear Madam/Sir!

Let me introduce you our activities that are constantly expanding and improving in quality.
Established in 1982, our enterprise was the first Hungarian company specializing in plant protection services. Under the terms of a general contract concluded with the Hungarian State Railways Inc. in 1992 we extended our activities to railroads as well. We perform railway weed control on open track using weed control trains, while on station rails we use 'amphibian' Mercedes-Unimog vehicles. In both settings, spraying is accomplished by computer controlled spraying equipment.

In addition to chemical protection, mechanical weed and shrub control also has a significant role. It is carried out with Hidrot adapters installed on Unimog vehicles, RASANT machines and hand-operated machines. This activity can be completed with chemical treatment in the same working process, which prevents re-sprouting of the vegetation.

Furthermore, we apply a comprehensive control procedure against egger moth (HYPHCU), dodder (Cuscuta SPP), Guinea-grass (SORGHA) and other dangerous weeds, rodents and warehouse pests.

Environmental protection and reduction of the environmental load are essential requirements during our activities. We also put an emphasis on technical and technological achievements that make our job easier. To meet these objectives, we carry out developments relying on a high-level professional background that also meets the legal requirements pertaining to plant protection services.

Another important activity of our company, in the spirit of extensive stock-breeding and eco-agriculture, is the breeding of galloway, an extremely wantless strain of cattle that can be reared in the open-air. Unkept areas can be utilized excellently with this strain of animals and a good-quality bio-meat can be gained.

Our company has become an ISO 9001:2000 audited firm in 2002, following the establishment and introduction of the quality assurance system.

Please take your time and study the detailed information on our activities. We hope that we can cooperate in many areas in the future.

Kind regards,
József GAÁL
Managing Director

Our main activities:

Plant protection services:

° Railway weed control with train
° Services with Unimog and Rasant
° Services with trucks equipped with weed control machines

Railway weed control technological developments:

° Weed recognition
° Weed control train construction

Extensive cattle stock-breeding and embryo production

Our customers and partners:

° Hungarian State Railways Inc.
° Hungarian Oil and Gas Industry Inc.
° Csongrád County Directorate of the State Public Road Company
° Szeged Environmental Management Public Company
° BKV (Budapest), PQS International Hungary Kft.
° Weedfree Limited, UK
° ÖBB - (

Supervisory organism:

° Hungary Railway Office (