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    Software development

    Our softwares are mostly developed based on our own experiences, and of course the requirements of our clients are also...

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    Vegetation management | Sweden

    Hungarian solution for the EU They don’t just talk about environment protection and sustainable development in Scandinavia,...

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    Construction of the 5th generation railway weed control train

    During the construction of the 5th generation railway weed control train, we had combined the advantages of our previous trains...

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    Deluxe coach construction

    The construction of luxury sleeping coaches from Bcm 242.1 type passanger cars is one the projects of 2016-2018. All of the...

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    Vegetation management | Spain

    New market, new technology We could introduce our containered spraying equipment and technology in the southern region of the...

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    Bar coach construction

    In 2015, we have started the modification works of a special luxury railway coach. We have established a bar premise from a WRm...

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    Staff coach construction

    During the planning phase of the staff coach, we mainly focused on to provide complete relaxation possibility for the staff after...

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    Containered system construction

    Our goal in 2012 was, that by keeping the technological advantages of our developed-on-railway and active spraying equipment, we...

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    Spraying equipment mounted on Mercedes Unimog hi-rail vehicle

    In 2008, a new demand has emerged to develop our spraying system so that it is easily mountable on out-of- date spraying trucks...