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Services We aspire to find solutions that trigger real changes in the field

  • Modification and customization of railway coaches

    G&G Ltd. has undertaken the overhaul and modification of both serialized and special railway coaches since 2013. The careful selection of the materials and facilities is essential in order to meet the requirements of customers in all fields. The used materials measure up to the strict railway standards of UIC.

  • Railway chemical vegetation management

    By using RECOspray, we save time and costs during the railway vegetation management. Our professionals have the relevant chemical handling certificates and experiences, however the system is easily handled, the operators only get in touch with chemicals for the necessary amount.

  • Factory siding weed control

    We undertake the chemical weed control of factory sidings with our hi-rail vehicles, with trained drivers having valid railway certifications. We can carry out the mechanical vegetation control of these areas with special adapters and hand tools.

  • Unique machine manufacturing

    Our company works with skilled professional engineer and software developer teams, who prepare their special self used equipments from the electrical planning through the programming and final construction by themselves, thus providing the available highest quality standards.

  • Mechanical shrub control, protection against dangerous pests

    Keeping the triangle of visibility free at the crossings of railways and public roads is one of the most important passive problems of safety technology. We carry out the high level maintenance of these primarily by Mercedes Unimog vehicles and by hand.

  • Livestock breeding

    Our activities had been expanded with a live stock breeding branch in 2000. We have started to breed the galloway kind in the spirit of organic farming, which is suitable for extensive production. The galloway breed has evolved in the south west region of Scotland, near Galloway citiy. It is the eldest kind of cattle of the country.


Projects Innovation, excellent quality, environmental awareness and flexibility characterizes us

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    Software development

    Our softwares are mostly developed based on our own experiences, and of course the requirements of our clients are also...

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    Vegetation management | Sweden

    Hungarian solution for the EU They don’t just talk about environment protection and sustainable development in Scandinavia,...

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    Construction of the 5th generation railway weed control train

    During the construction of the 5th generation railway weed control train, we had combined the advantages of our previous trains...

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    Deluxe coach construction

    The construction of luxury sleeping coaches from Bcm 242.1 type passanger cars is one the projects of 2016-2018. All of the...

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    Vegetation management | Spain

    New market, new technology We could introduce our containered spraying equipment and technology in the southern region of the...

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    Bar coach construction

    In 2015, we have started the modification works of a special luxury railway coach. We have established a bar premise from a WRm...

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    Staff coach construction

    During the planning phase of the staff coach, we mainly focused on to provide complete relaxation possibility for the staff after...

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    Containered system construction

    Our goal in 2012 was, that by keeping the technological advantages of our developed-on-railway and active spraying equipment, we...

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Testimonials Success of our partners is a success for us

  • In 2015, the first year of collaboration with G&G, their containered spraying system completed a total of 6.588 km on Iberian gauge platform, carrying out the treatment with the highest standards of quality and environmental compatibility. The performance of the technology as well as the professionalism and know-how of the G&G staff has allowed us to reduce the duration of the campaigns by 50% in relation to the technology used so far in Spain. Obviously, we took the best decision.


    Directora de Organización y Sistemas

  • Danube Express (Hungary) has been working with G&G since 2014. Following construction of a generator car a former Restaurant Car was converted into the new Bar Car. The work was carried out over a period of nine months. The interior of the car was completely rebuilt and the body fully refurbished. G&G did a great job and I’m impressed with the quality of their workmanship, cooperation and attention to detail. The car was completed on time and has resulted in a superb vehicle. Work has already started on the next project – three new sleeping cars.


    Owner - Danube Express

  • Weedfree on Track have been a customer of G&G for over 10 years. The products and services received from them have always exceeded our expectations. The technology provided to us is the most advanced on the market and the quality is always of the highest standard. G&G are a flexible company adapting to our individual requirements for the various different countries we work. Their customer service and after sales service is excellent with all commination’s received in a professional and speedy manor. We look forward to many more successful years using the products and services of G&G.


    Managing Director - Weedfree on Track Ltd.

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