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InnoTrans 2018

From 18 to 21September 2018 G&G Ltd participated together at InnoTrans 2018 with its English partner company, Weedfree On Track Ltd on a common stand in Hall 26.

G&G have presented its spray coach and a social coach at the outdoor display. Our colleagues explained and showed the visitors on a computer simulation how the RecoSpray System works. The visitors found it very interesting, and they were very impressed by the technology.

We have also had the possibility to demonstrate the basis of our new product that is being developed within the framework of the GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00860 operational programme. All data recorded during the spraying works will be handled in the cloud-based RecoSpray BlackBox System.

G&G have also arranged a private event for their business partners, and had a pleasant wine tasting of excellent Hungarian wines.

This year, InnoTrans broke the record with more than 3000 exhibitors from 61 countries, and we have been walking by the new halls under construction every, so it seems like they expect more and more visitors every two years.

We have had plenty of visitors, thank you everyone for the special attention.

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Remsa, USA | 2017

Railway Interchange is the largest combined railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. Attended by nearly 10,000 industry professionals from around the globe, this truly massive event showcases the latest technology, services, and research by members of the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), and Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI). Railway Interchange also features technical presentations and discussions by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of- Way Association (AREMA) and the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA). G&G will attend the event, this time in Indianapolis 2017 september, with our main partner Weedfree, to introduce and build brand awareness to our RECOspray system, which could provide a modern and sustainable long term solution for railway maintenance service providers for in the works of vegetation control. Our booth is going to be nr. 4339, come and see us!

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Innotrans | 2016

In 2016, Hungary did not emphasize to embrace the railway export, thus there were no common Hungarian stand representing our products on this year’s Innotrans. Due to other commintments of the different companies, this made harder to maintain the previous hungarian relations, but we still could close a successful exhibition period. This was the first year we represented our weed control practice together with our parnter company, the English Weedfree on Track Ltd. to strenghten eachothers network of relationships. The common appearence strengthened the reliance of the customers both towards the service provider, and towards the manufacturing company as well. We have planned a new, lighter demonstration model, which attracted not only the partners, but those visitors as well who were interested in the railway weed control and the environmentally friendly solutions.

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UIC International Workshop on Vegetation Management | 2016

The International Railway Association, UIC, in participation with SNCF, held the International Workshop “Weed control on Railways: What future for herbicides?” on 24 and 25 May 2016 at UIC HQs. This workshop followed the successful edition held on October 2013 in Coventry hosted by Network Rail. This event was organized by the UIC Sustainable Land Use Expert Network and focused on the latest issues at European level for the management of herbicides in Railways. Topics included the state of the art in weed control management, health regulatory framework, Health regulations, procedures for approval of active substances and marketed products, Alternative methods to chemical treatment, Traceability system & data management and impact of railway herbicides on the Environment. Speakers were invited to represent the major stakeholders, including UIC, CER, EFSA, National Chemical Authorities, Environmental Agencies and Chemical Suppliers. G&G Ltd and main partner Weedfree S.P.L.R also participated on the event. Moreover, the G&G technology used in Belgium and Sweden, presented by the speakers was announced as an example to follow by anyone who welcomes innovative, sustainable, environmental friendly improvements on this field.

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Remsa, USA | 2015

Organizers for Railway Interchange 2015, announced after the closure of the event, that total registered attendance for the USA-based combined exhibition and technical conference reached 9,571, a new record. The Railway Interchange 2015 exhibition showcased the latest technology, services, and research by members of the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), and Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI). Railway Interchange 2015 also featured technical presentations and discussions by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of- Way Association (AREMA) and the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA). This event was our first appearance as REMSA members in the US, together with our main partner Weedfree, and could be evaluated as quite a success. The new modern railway vegetation control system we featured drawn a lot of attention from the maintenance service providers, and anticipates a great possibility of cooperation with the interested companies in the future. A great first show in the field with great market potential.

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Innotrans | 2014

In 2014, we have presented ourselves with two stands on the Innotrans exhibition. We had our talks in the new common hungarian stand, but on an outside location, we could showcase our newest developement, the containered railway weed control system. We have displayed the equipment in a simulated working conditon, and the overall explanation of our professional staff convinced most of the visitors about the operability and precision of the G&G railway weed control technology. Despite the small size of the railway weed control market, this year’s event showcased numerous other competitors’ spraying equipment too. There were many interested, who carry out the weed control with smaller vehicles, and they had shown great enthusiasm towards our technology. We have recieved many reinforcing remarks from around the globe, that they would be glad to see our equipment carrying out the weed control works in their country.

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Innotrans | 2012

Based on the positive experiences of the exhibition in 2010, we joined the Innotrans Berlin again in 2012 as well. The Hungarian railway companies could showcase their products together in a common stand. The common stand and the permeable stand slots gave a possibility to get to know each other easier despite the crowded exhibition period. The weed recognition simulation model drawn great attention again, and this year we could provide a more spacious meeting room for our visitors. As one of the most significant results of the exhibition, we could contact the new team of Deutsche Bahn responsible for vegetation management through the German-Hungarian Chambers of Industry, which gives us an opportunity to expand our markets.

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Innotrans | 2010

The most interesting developements of the railway technologies get a chance of display every two years in Berlin, and there is an opportunity to experimentalize these novelties, and for personal meeting sas well on the Innotrans Technical Exhibition and Trade Fair. Everyone from the smallest companies to big multinational corporations are present, as more ten thousand experts get to know the exhibited products on the area of more than a hundred thousand square meters. In 2010 our company has participated on the event with the likely innovative minded MÁV Központi Felépítményvizsgáló Kft in a joint stand, who helped our work with their experiences.

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