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G&G Plant Protection and Trade Ltd. is a family business, established in 1991 with a major focus on pest control, including weed control. It has been in the railway weed control business since 1996, and is continuously developing, building and operating its special weed control vehicles throughout Europe.

G&G Ltd. offers the most precise and economical railway weed control technology considering and respecting the principle of environmental sustainability. Our company is market leader in the field of precision railway weed control. This position can only be kept with continuous development of activities, thus most of our employees are involved in R&D projects, which on the one hand are based on client requests, and on the other hand are determined by our own experiences. Our cutting edge technology is present in Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and Germany and Turkey also show great interest. The company management greatly emphasizes the rational reduction of chemicals since the very beginning, and the company has reached this goal in the field of railway weed control. Our experiences and efforts have determined a new development goal for us in the agriculture, which is going to be the next step, and will result in a new business branch when reached.

To meet the environmental objectives, developments are carried out relying on a high-level professional background that also meets the legal requirements pertaining to plant protection services. Our company is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 140001:2004OHSAS 18001:2007 and EN 15085/CL1 audited firm.


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