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In 2010, we wanted to make use of the development results achieved for ourselves, and wanted to make use of our new ideas, so we started to build a new spray train. 2 Ganz Hunslet mail train were converted for this purpose, we targeted higher convenience than the II. generation train as regards both control coach and the social coach. We have mainly used the III. generation design results with minor changes. We installed optical cables between the camera and the processor units to ensure faster data transfer. We had installed a much more developed GPS sístem on this train, which made the geolocation even punctual (DGPS, RTK possibilities), and surmounted the temporary satelite signal error as well (IMU, INS). The train technically meets the newest railway and European standards, currently holds running permission in Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and Germany as well.


Gauge: 1435mm
Vehicle gauge: UIC 505-1
Highest speed: 120km/h
Weight of the coach: approx. 42t
Maximum load: 20t
New wheel diameter: 920mm
Lenght of the bodyframe between the buffers: 26400mm
Body width: 2825mm
Couch roof height from rail head: 4050mm
Total height of the couch with the meteorological center: 4050mm
Type of bogie: GH-250
Distance between bogie pins: 19000mm
Wheel-base of a bogie: 2600mm
Minimum track curve radius capability
• hauled: 150m
• with loose coupling, v=5km/h: 80m
Buffer device: 96 featured
Type of coupling system: non-transitive, rubber spring
Brake system: KE P (D)
Heating: individual, heating/cooling equipment
Lighting: with special inverter, fluorescent lamp

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