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During the construction of the 5th generation railway weed control train, we had combined the advantages of our previous trains and the container. In order to be easy to clean, the chemical room was made of stainless materials, with non-skid stainless grating. According to the newest standards, the gray water, the chemical waste, and the toilet waste are collected in separate tanks, which can be emptied and transported with devices equipped with standard camlock clutch devices.

The power supply is provided by one 88kW output EPA TIER 3 and EU97/68/EC Stage III accredited diesel generator.

A more spacious control room and ergonomical control desk had been established. We have optimalized the design of the chemical tanks as well, and with installment of special modules, in case of a customer request there is a possibility to spray extra wide when needed. The smart devices can be charged through the built in USB ports. The built in materials and the fire protection system meets the EN 45545-2 standard.



Vehicle gauge: UIC 505-2,
Highest speed: 100km/h,
Weight of the coach: approx. 43,5t
Maximum load: 20t,
Lenght of the bodyframe between the buffers: 26400mm,
Bogie type: GH-250
Buffer device: 96 featured
Towing device: non transitive, rubber coiled
Brake system: KE P (D)

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