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Hungarian solution for the EU

They don’t just talk about environment protection and sustainable development in Scandinavia, but act with hard work and invest significant sources to achieve improvements. The Swedish railways were also committed to apply state-of- the-art technology on this small market segment, as we all know, the amount of used chemicals on railways is vanishing compared to the amount used in the agriculture, yet their attention is expanded, and they take steps towards this direction as well.

The technology for their efforts is provided by the Hungarian G&G Ltd. through our English partner company. In 2016, our team cooperating with our English partner had carried out the railway weed control works with the 3rd and 4th generation railway weed control trains, provided service and offered a solution to the expected detailed and transparent treatment follow up procedures.

On the UIC-2nd International Workshop on Vegetationmanagement, Sweden with their railway weed control process has set an example to follow not only for the leading countries of the EU such as Germany, France, and the UK, but for all the EU member states as well.

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