From 18 to 21September 2018 G&G Ltd participated together at InnoTrans 2018 with its English partner company, Weedfree On Track Ltd on a common stand in Hall 26. G&G have presented its spray coach and a social coach at the outdoor display. Our colleagues explained and showed the visitors on a computer simulation how the RecoSpray System works. The visitors found it very interesting, and they were very impressed by the technology.

We have also had the possibility to demonstrate the basis of our new product that is being developed within the framework of the GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00860 operational programme. All data recorded during the spraying works will be handled in the cloud-based RecoSpray BlackBox System. G&G have also arranged a private event for their business partners, and had a pleasant wine tasting of excellent Hungarian wines.

This year, InnoTrans broke the record with more than 3000 exhibitors from 61 countries, and we have been walking by the new halls under construction every, so it seems like they expect more and more visitors every two years. We have had plenty of visitors, thank you everyone for the special attention.