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In case of parcel delivery please use the following address: HUNGARY, H-6771 Szeged Vaspálya u. 19.

Development center

Adress: H-6771 Szeged, Vaspálya u., Vasútállomás
Coordinates: 46.210784° 20.183257°
Function: Company center, administration, vehicle manufacturing workshop and development

Shed – Makó

Adress: 6900 Makó, Bárányos sor 22.
Coordinates: 46.203955° 20.475497°
Function: Railway vehicle storage


Adress: H-6726 Szeged, Torockói u. 3/b
Coordinates: 46.2438714° 20.1735606°
Function: Our company headquarters


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Our fleet

Railway weed control train

  • 1 control coach

  • 1 staff coach

  • 2 water tanker

  • 2 storage coach

Containered weed control equipment

  • 1 CON-1 type containered railway weed control equipment

  • 1 RGS type flat wagon

Rail-road weed control equipment

  • 2 Mercedes UNIMOG Hi-rail vehicle with spraying equipment superstructure


Innovation, excellent quality, environmental awareness and flexibility characterizes us

All projects


Success of our partners is a success for us

In 2015, the first year of collaboration with G&G, their containered spraying system completed a total of 6.588 km on Iberian gauge platform, carrying out the treatment with the highest standards of quality and environmental compatibility. The performance of the technology as well as the professionalism and know-how of the G&G staff has allowed us to reduce the duration of the campaigns by 50% in relation to the technology used so far in Spain. Obviously, we took the best decision.

Danube Express (Hungary) has been working with G&G since 2014. Following construction of a generator car a former Restaurant Car was converted into the new Bar Car. The work was carried out over a period of nine months. The interior of the car was completely rebuilt and the body fully refurbished. G&G did a great job and I’m impressed with the quality of their workmanship, cooperation and attention to detail. The car was completed on time and has resulted in a superb vehicle. Work has already started on the next project – three new sleeping cars.

HOWARD TRINDER, Owner - Danube Express

Weedfree on Track have been a customer of G&G for over 10 years. The products and services received from them have always exceeded our expectations. The technology provided to us is the most advanced on the market and the quality is always of the highest standard. G&G are a flexible company adapting to our individual requirements for the various different countries we work. Their customer service and after sales service is excellent with all commination’s received in a professional and speedy manor. We look forward to many more successful years using the products and services of G&G.