Weed recognition: day and night recognition of weeds in 5-10m width at up to 60km/h speed on open and station tracks with the camera mounted on the front of the locomotive. Weed recognition based automatic control of spraying, speed dependent computerized herbicide application within 0-60km/h speed range. Pre-nozzle injection of the optimal mixture of 4 different herbicides (0-10l/ha) at a given moment in 9 independent sectors.

4 built-in herbicide tanks, 600l capacity each, for storing the daily need of chemicals which can keep the WG herbicides in liquid state with continuous mechanical stirring. Optional external system for creating suspensions from WG herbicides. 2 pieces of 300l tanks for the enhancers and anti-drift adjuvants. The daily chemical tanks can be automatically refilled from a storage wagon, even during spraying.

An extra 8m width spraying capability on station tracks over the 8 m width spraying frame, at lowered speed. Optional installation of hand spray gun, and extra nozzles for occupied tracks and rail cuttings.

Road crossing recognition, automatic pause option. Documentation based on GPS data, each meter all measured data are saved, continuous video recording. Every information is traceable even after years. Optional reports, protocols can be made. Highly accurate GPS based system pauses spraying on protected areas, based on coordinates that are either pre-defined or recorded in the previous year. For this, the collected data in the first year require follow-up work. The pausing can also be set by section numbers.

Preemergent herbicide application based on the weed-map of the previous year. After follow-up processing, atuomatic preemergent application can be used from the following years. Environmental protection, safety, clean working conditions. Only clean water, 4 herbicides and 2 adjuvants are transported. Drip trays, collecting tanks, closed system, herbicide theft protection.

  • Gauge independent

  • Mainly for open tracks

  • Convenient storage on rail or land

  • Transportable also by road

  • Weed Recognition and spraying in one treat/at the same time

  • Weed-mapping

  • Built into standard sized ISO containers

  • Up to 70% saving on water and chemicals

  • High-precision GPS

  • Data reports

  • Traceability

  • Working speed: 40-60 km/h, 25-40 mph

  • Travelling speed: 100 km/h, 60 mph

  • 24/7 operation

  • 2 operators

  • Power supply: diesel generator (current EU Stage qualificated)

  • Bathroom (toilet, shower)

  • Tanks for clean and waste water

  • The spraying frame is fixed with bridge fittings and load restraint chains, without modification of the flat wagon


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