• RECOSPRAY SYSTEM: Can be adapted to different vehicles choosen by the customers which are technically capable of carrying the system.

  • ON-LINE SPRAYING: The RECOSPRAY railway vegetation control system is fast and efficient: it records the weed infestation and sprays it in one treatment; thus, there is no need to scan the tracks in advance.

  • 24/7: The technology is capable of treating effectively at any time during the day or night.

  • TARGETED SPRAYING: Treatment is only carried out on areas where weeds are detected, therefore herbicides are used to the maximum effect. There is no product wastage.

  • CHEMICAL SAVINGS UP TO 50-70%: Using RECOSPRAY, the usage of chemicals and water drops by 50-70%.

  • PRECISE DOSAGE OF CHEMICALS: The amount of emitted chemicals is constant; it is not influenced by the change in working speed.

  • FLEXIBILITY: The dosage of the chemicals is fully customisable, up to four configurations can be programmed each using up to four chemical agents. These configurations can be utilised on the nine individual sectors in any configuration deemed necessary. Treatment width is also customisable, making RECOSPRAY extremely flexible.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The system, by means of GPS data or section numbers, automatically pauses spraying on areas of bridges, close to water bodies and agricultural areas.

  • SAFETY: By the automatic detection of crossings, road accidents can be avoided. The use of adjuvants increases efficiency and decreases the risk of drift. No chemical is sprayed on the stretch of rails thanks to the precisely set nozzle groups.

  • TRACEABILITY: All of the data of the weed control gets recorded and linked to GPS coordinates. RECOSPRAY offers high level, flexible temporal and spatial reporting functions for monitoring the treatment according to costumer needs. Due to the handling of the data produced by the increasingly used Geographic Information System (GIS) software, the system informs the operator more effectively about the sensitive sites. Based on the GIS data, the software provides robust and accurate automatic interactions and reporting capabilities.


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