This system was generally developed for station-, side-, and open-track treatment, but it can be adopted in any other sections as well. The camera can observe the area in the direction of traffic in a maximum width of 8 meter, and the computer controlled system sprays chemicals only on areas where weed is recognized. Its biggest advantage is the significant reduction of environmental load, and at the same time, the areas possibly treated in a single fill up significantly increase.

Due to the injector system, only clean water is in the tank, which reduces the risk of a possible chemical leak. Spraying is possible in both forward and reverse direction, at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. In hand control mode, the system is capable of spraying the areas in a width of 6 meter on both sides. There is a possibility to adopt the so called “engaged line” sprayer mode and the 8 meters „wide spraying“ mode as well. The engaged line sprayer is designed to spray the areas under the neighboring trains. The 8 meters wide sprayer can spray both sides of the neighboring rails, 3 lines in one way, if the lines are not engaged. One hand spray gun unit is also part of the system, which has a 25 meters long tube. This assures the spraying of areas difficult to reach. The spraying range of the hand spray gun is 5-6 meters.

The control computer produces an accurate database about all the spraying parameters. A printable report is available about the treated areas. There is no chemical spread on the tracks while spraying, which reduces the risk of possible accidents.

Superstructure on road-rail vehicles:

  • For station and side tracks

  • Easily mountable and dismountable superstructure

  • Weed Recognition and spraying in one treat/at the same time

  • Weed-mapping

  • Spraying with Weed Recognition up to 6 m in width

  • Spraying of track embranchments at the speed of max. 15 km/h, 10 mph

  • Spraying of track extensions up to max. 15 km/h

  • High-precision GPS

  • Data reports

  • Traceability

  • Working speed: 25-50 km/h, 15-30 mph

  • 1 operator


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