Project Description

Our goal in 2012 was, that by keeping the technological advantages of our developed-on-railway and active spraying equipment, we createour containered unit, which is mobile, and can be easily transported to the designated location on public road, railways, water- or air way. The containers are standard size, so they can be inserted into transit rules of any other countries, and can operate on any gauge. The system is built into a 40 and a 20 feed container. The already existing elements of the weed recognition and spraying system had been improved in the container. The observing camera system is supported by high definition IP based cameras, thus the follow up of the treatment became even more accurate. Due to the containered use, we had to develop a temporary fixing system, which provides solid yet easily mountable connections for the electric, water and chemical pipes.

All the flooring, the walls and the ceiling besides the control and social premises are covered with stainless steel plates. The chemical room can be cleaned with high pressure washer as well; the IP protection of the built in electric cabling, the sockets and distributor boxes make it possible. The material of the chemical tanks is polypropylene, and they are equipped with a level indicator, level switch and remote controlled filling.

The power supply of the complete spraying system and the joint social coach is provided by an EURO A3 certified generator that meets the relevant railway regulations as well.

The sidewalls and the ceiling of the watery block are made of DIN 5510-2 certified plates, which form a closed, anhydrous cover. The control room received a rather modern, industrial design instead of the wooden covers of the train, according to the new corporate image.

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