Project Description

Developed software

Our softwares are mostly developed based on our own experiences, and of course the requirements of our clients are also considered. New elements and improvements are continuously integrated into the final software solutions, and these represented a higher quality after each step of the development process.

ur system currently works with improved RTK (Real Time Kinematic), IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) GPS, which provides even more precise data collection, and due to the high precision, there is a possibility to introduce semi-automatic or completely automatic functions based on location information.

Such can be the automatic stop of spraying at pre-defined locations (bridges, near surface waters, environmentally protected areas, etc.), or spot application of pre-emergent chemicals based on previous years’ weed infestation information. Besides that, we continuously do basic researches regarding weed species recognition, which aims to select and separate the weeds occurring on railways based on treatment technological categories in the long run.

Near future

Following the needs of our age, we try to place our data handling on GIS bases, and with the exact GPS coordinates, the recorded spraying data can be spatially queried, and the administration becomes easier as well. Parallel to this, we have started the development of a cloud based data provider and reporting system which can be available for the relevant people. With this improvement, we aim to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud based data processing and the potentials of recently popular GIS solutions, which can secure our leading role in the railway weed control business.

Future goal

With further development, our aim is to make the weed recognition and spot spraying technology successfully implemented on railways available in the agricultural segment as well.

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