Project Description

In 2008, a new demand has emerged to develop our spraying system so that it is easily mountable on out-of- date spraying trucks which work in the same sections in other European countries. The main advantages of this solution are that this system can be easily and quickly mounted on trucks, so the seasonal works don’t occupy the vehicles for the whole year. In case of railway use, a special hi-rail vehicle is needed, that is equipped with the right impellers for railway traffic. The system is developed for station-, side-, and open-track treatment, but it can be adopted in any other sections as well. The superstructure is made from acid-proof stainless steel with light aluminum cover. In course of the planning and construction, we aimed the system to be easy to handle and maintain. Mostly we used our own developed and produced parts, so we can assure quick supply of spares, irrespective of other offers on market. From the available parts on the market, we have chosen those ones which are widely available not just in Europe, but also in other continents. We have equipped with our own UNIMOG hi-rail vehicles with this technology, but with slight modifications, it can be adapted to other trucks with a suitable flatbed as well.

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