Project Description

During the planning phase of the staff coach, we mainly focused on to provide complete relaxation possibility for the staff after a long hard day of working.

The air conditioned staff coach provides comfortable service for a staff crew of five. The design of the watery block, the bedrooms, the kitchen and lounge makes the train homelike. The upholstery and the curtains are made of materials meeting the relevant EU regulations, the built in comfort equipment fulfill the most modern needs as well. There is a built in fridge, freezer, washing and drying machine, microwave and cooker, and we installed some recreational electronic devices too. The first staff coach was only built for our own use, and in 2008, we constructed one for the 3rd generation railway weed control train.

A similar coach had been constructed for the 4th generation railway weed control train, and in 2014, we have constructed a staff coach for a luxury train, that has its own power supply and is capable to provide power for the joint luxury coaches as well. Besides that it is a comfortable accommodation for a staff crew of 10. This coach has 4 storage premises, one of which is lockable. The staff of the 5th generation railway weed control coach can enjoy the same comfort from 2017 that our clients are already familiar with.

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