Project Description

We started the project in 2005 and we continuously provided service for ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) with our 2nd generation railway weed control train. This was our first mission beyond the borders of Hungary, which had to be carried out within completely different railway circumstances. We were spraying on the open tracks of the complete ÖBB track network in 0-24. We had completed the work in record time, within 3 weeks, significantly increasing the effectiveness compared to the previous supplier. The chemical and water savings of each year were 50-60%, reducing the costs spent on railway weed control in Austria too. If our new technology enters a new market, our partners strictly check up on the results to see the improvements between the old and new. After the check ups of the first year, our Austrian partners found no error between the cooperation of machine and human, which made us truly proud. We have proven, that our technology and team can compete on the market with anyone.

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