Project Description

Quality and reliability

With our protection work on railway station plants against tussock moth and dodder, we could convince MÁV Rt to become our customer more than 20 years ago. The relationship established during the works, and the good quality of our service led to negotiations about the railway vegetation management works in 1994. Our idea was well recieved by the leaders of MÁV, as -due to a profile clearning – they wanted to hire a company to carry out these tasks. After significant structural changes and investments within our company, the chemical and mechanical weed control of railway tracks became our main profile.

We had carried out the railway weed control works based on a long term conract between 1996-2000. From 2001, three year long frame contracts ensured the continouos works until 2015, after a new strategic decision of the Hungarian Railways, it has been decided that they would like to carry out the vegetation management works on their own, with their own equipment. With this step, the Hungarian Railways gave up using state-of- the-art technology, which was declared to be an example to follow by most of the european railways (UIC-2nd International Workshop on Vegetationmanagement, Paris, 24-25.05.2016).

The Hungarian Railways was leading in the area of chemical railway weed control in Europe. We have been working with two railway weed control train and four hi-rail vehicles in four, and later two regions in every year, providing that the weed control works are done by the highest professional standards in time.

Our service had been extended in 2000 with the Hungarian track network of the GYSEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Railway) where we have been working until 2013. During the years, we have been spraying multiple small railways and museum railroads with our self developed uniquie spraying superstructure. Our other special area was the spraying works carried out on the area of BKV (Budapest Public Transport), where due to the frequent traffic during daytime, we could take great advantage of our technology which could work during night time as well.

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