Our activities had been expanded with a live stock breeding branch in 2000. We have started to breed the galloway kind in the spirit of organic farming, which is suitable for extensive production. The galloway breed has evolved in the south west region of Scotland, near Galloway citiy. It is the eldest kind of cattle of the country. A small bodied, genetically hummel, usually black, but there are other known colors of it as frosted and red too. The newborn calfs are mahagonay brown. The belted color kind is registered as a separate breed, and it is very much liked amongst the breeders. Its head is small and angular, the neck is short, the backline is not always straight. The hooves are relatively big compared to the bodyweight, thus it is perfectly suitable for a swampy area, futhermore it gets along well in the temporary period between autumn and winter. The value of the breed is, that it is capable of the proper production even in the extensive, harsh mountain like circumstances, greatly accommodates to the local climate. Its hair is double layered, consists of a long upper hair and dense under hair layer, which makes the extremist circumstances bearable. Its pasture skills are very good, has low demand, and even scrapes the grass out from under the snow. Eats almost any plants, thus keeps the pasture area, the trench shores, ruderals in perfect condition. Its meat quality is typical, fulfills all the needs of the anglo-saxon consumers, very much demanded in its homeland.

We started the breeding with four heifers and one bull, with two serving buildings on our own land. Two years later, with a Canadian procurement, we expanded our stock with thirty-three pregnant heifers, and installed two hay storages as well. Following these developments, Angus type, also rigid keeping breed joined our stock. The Aberdeen Angus kind is from the pastures of Scotland, where it was breeded over 100 years ago. Genetically hummel kind, mostly appears in black and red color. Galloway is one of its ancestors. Similarly to the Galloway, it belongs to the small bodied meat cattle, genetically has bigger rump, more domestic, typically has a high standing, cylindrical body and light bones, explicit meat forms. The high meat ratio is also typical of this kind, due to the full shoulders, the long wide back, and the long thigh muscles. The explicit English culinary needs played the main role during the breeding, thus it had an early marbling meat, it was not expedient to fatten it. For today it has changed, the meat quality adjusted to the European needs. The ratio of the valuable meat parts is somewhere near 55-57%. The breed is typically early ripening, obedient, adaptable, and easily calving, and has enough milk to feed the calfs.

The bulls having outstanding genetical attributes, based on the central and own productivity examinations, provide the continuous development of our stock, and its conformation to the recent market needs. Our company deals with the sale of the sperm as well, contributing to the development of the nearby living stocks. Our results have been awarded with many prizes and awards from the sector. The demanding consumer society just begins to explore the explicit quality, wild kind of tasting, marbled meat of both the Galloway and Angus breeds. Our ranch currently has around a hundred and fifty animals. Our short term goals are to pair our stock for meat production, and to broaden it with other color kinds as well.


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