Mechanical shrub control

Keeping the triangle of visibility free at the crossings of railways and public roads is one of the most important passive problems of safety technology. We carry out the high level maintenance of these primarily by Mercedes Unimog vehicles and by hand. The adaptor heads of Hidrot device installed on the Unimog can be changed according to utilization purposes: e.g. sawing discs, shrub crushers, grass-cutters, Kemper scythes or mud sockets.

Adaptors that can be installed on the front of the vehicle include: shrub crushers, grass-cutter, mulch makers which produce compost from cut twigs and branches. The sawing equipment is installed with 4 sawing discs that can be operated at a high revolution so they can cut branches with a diameter of even up to 15 cm. These two operations can be supplemented with chemical control applied during the same work phase. In this case agents blocking growth and tarting up are delivered immediately onto the cut surface, thereby preventing vegetation growth for a period of 2 to 3 years. Both the saw head and the shrub crushing adaptor can work with a span of 7 meters.

Our company has got 4 Rasant machines as well. With interchangeable grass cutter and crushing and mulch making adaptors installed on the vehicles we carry out the maintenance of railway service roads covered by arboreal and non-arboreal vegetation, and the mowing the flood protection embankment around Szeged three times a year.

Tree protection spraying

Our company’s activities involve plant protection works carried out on public domains. Such as the pest protection of the park trees and protection against dangerous pests. These works are carried out by tree protection sprayers, which can be mounted to traktors or trunk of lorries. Common attribute of these equipments is that they apply the chemicals to the canopy of the trees, shrubs with the help of a fan. The high amount and quickly flowing air ensures that the canopy of the plants are moved and the applied chemical spreads even on both the surface of the leaf and the leaf stems. The protection against wees is carried out by hand spray gun systems, which can also be mounted onto the lorry of the trunks.

Important pests we protect the trees against

  • Bacterial diseases: fireblight

  • Phytopathogenic fungi: Platanum gnomon, oak powdery mildew, rose powdery mildew, rust

  • Insects: american white knitwear, mites, aphids, scale insects, leaf-mugging moths

  • Weeds: ragweed, johnson grass, dodder


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