G&G Ltd. has undertaken the overhaul and modification of both serialized and special railway coaches since 2013.

We achieve the desired exclusive, nostalgic or modern atmosphere with the proper combination of stainless steel, brushed aluminium, hardwood, HPL woodpatterned and uni panellings and CORIAN sheets. The careful selection of the materials and facilities is essential in order to meet the requirements of customers in all fields. The used materials measure up to the strict railway standards of UIC. We provide detailed documentation about all the works and materials for official authorization processes.

Advantages of customization

  • bodywork, corrosion prevention

  • enamelling and anti-graffiti varnishing

  • construction of internal structure, thermal insulation and partition walls

  • repair, replacement, construction of external and internal doors and windows

  • reconstruction and modernisation of the heating, cooling and ventilation units

  • reconstruction and modernisation of the water circuit and the sanitary facilities

  • installation of a generator

  • set-up of lighting, sound, communication and data transfer systems

  • installation of a GPS-based visual security and monitoring system


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