By using RECOspray, we save time and costs during the railway vegetation management. Our professionals have the relevant chemical handling certificates and experiences, however the system is easily handled, the operators only get in touch with chemicals for the necessary amount.

Two operators per shift can operate the train, and it can be working 24 hours a day. The ideal working speed is between 40 and 60 km/h, which still makes the risk of drift avoidable. The essence of the railway weed control train is the control coach, the accommodation is facilitated for the staff by the connected staff coach. Depending on the area to be treated, and the possiblity of water reloading locations, there is a need for 1 or 2 water tankers, but the train can be joined with a storage coach as well, if the chemical reloading can not be solved otherwise. The spraying width can be modified considering the professional standards, according to the relevant regulations. Our company does not own locomotives, this is usually provided by the client, but we are open to cooperate with private railway companies as well. We provide an interpreter when working abroad. Our staff participates in the necessary railway workers protection trainings, and we always consider and adjust to the relevant plant protection and chemical usage regulations of the area. Our prominent goal is to meet all the governmental and railway safety regulations at all times.

As the RECOspray records all the data of spraying, we prepare detailed reports of each treated segments for the clients based on their requests. These reports make the supervision easy, transparent and easily followable for both the client, and for the supervision authorities as well.

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